Welcome to the world of unique rustic furniture, which because of  their character and simplicity convert the interiors into a places with unusual climate of a rural hat from before centuries.

If you’d like your kitchen, living room or sleeping room furniture to differ from those, that you can purchase in shops or design studios – we cordially invite you for cooperation.

Our furniture are the combination of modernity and tradition – simplicity, almost straightness of it’s form covers the most modern solutions employed in contemporary furniture branch, covers the newest fixtures released by the leading European manufacturers.

We handmade our furniture for order, out of solid dried pine wood, using only simple joiner and carpentry hand tools and basic power tools,  combining wood pieces in a way, that recalls old joinery traditions.

They are additionally equipped with handles, hinges and other visible metal accessories which are handmade in forge regarding individual request.

Later on we subject our products to sandblasting it’s surface, what successfully imitates the long-term process of natural wood erosion. The use of impregnation highlights the beautiful natural structure of pine wood, then multiple surface coverage with ecological fine parquet lacquer provides our furniture with appropriate fastness and resistance required in everyday use.

Using similar technology we are able to create any furniture, e.g. kitchen units, dresser, wardrobe, chest of drawers, bed frame etc., of almost any dimension. The interior fitted with such furniture can be additionally equipped with certain additions like: wood framed mirror, luminaire, shelves, stand for flowers, etc.

We are wide open to any suggestions, as well as in the matter of the materials to be used, furniture dimensions, it’s hue and final shape.

We usually need 2 to 4 weeks to accomplish an order according to it’s quantity.

If any doubts or questions appear, you can phone us (we speak English), send an email  or use the form on our website.

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